Is the shared hotbar problem ever going to be fixed Final Fanta

  • I was just cleaning up my crafting hotbars recently and decided to use a shared Cheap FFXIV Gil bar because most of the time all the abilities are the same anyway. However, I found that the non-cross-class actions like Inner Quiet that are shared by every crafting class cannot be shared on the hotbar. Each action seems to be locked to the class it came from, so, for example, Weaver can't use Inner Quiet on a hotbar if the Inner Quiet was put there from Blacksmith's action list.

    that's because each skill has separate IDs. You need to pull them up by name instead.
    If you make a macro that just uses a single skill and put it in the shared hotbar, it should fix the problem.. I haven't personally tested it myself, I just have all my crafters have identical skill layout on unshared hotbars instead.. But my experience with macros tell me that'll do the trick for ya.