Go With A Single Albion Online Journal

  • First off, it was pretty awesome to come back after the weekend and see you asking for our opinions. As to the answer to your questions. With any of these answers, I am also requesting that the fame awarded for legendary and exceptional nodes be reduced by a good margin. Especially the T6+ of those types.

    The percentage of extra yield I think should vary based on a few things. If we are keeping the current system (fame cap on books) I would like to see the yield returned for gathering and mercenary journals around 60% for all journals up to T5. I think the T6+ journals should offer 100% yield due to the increased risk associated with those Albion Online Silver zones. Yes, I can sneak out and gather stuff fairly safely now in red/black zones, but that will not be the case once we have a lot of players playing again, and certainly not the case at launch. The server is a bit empty now due to people waiting for a wipe, or just burning themselves out. Crafter journals, on the other hand, are incredibly easy to fill. A single 5.3 chest craft filled my T5 fletcher journal plus some. That takes nearly no time at all, plus I get to sell the piece on the AH for money, and the crafter may bring me refined materials that I don't even use or can't otherwise refine myself. As an example, I craft mostly leather, yet the fletcher returns refined bars and wood due to other items at the Huntsman using those items. There was a time when I was getting refined items that I couldn't have otherwise refined myself. The patch that made refining super easy fixed that. Anyway, I am fine with a 35-40% yield on crafting books. I do not think crafting journals should increase in percentage yield with the higher tiers as they do not require buy Albion Online Gold venturing into other zones at a higher risk.

    If we go with a single journal that has an unlimited fame cap I would be fine with the resource return being around 30-33%. With T6+ perhaps only being slightly higher at 40-45%. Reason the percents would be lower with this version is that there is no cap on fame, and thus no cap on the resources you'd potentially get back if you decided to devote the full day to gathering.