The Dev Blog Also Deals With Albion Online Flagging

  • The dev blog also deals with Albion Online flagging. What is really interesting about this system is that it is not a post-attack penalty like those found in most mmo games. In certain zones, a player will have to flag themselves as a "villain/criminal" before they can attack another player. The difference found here is that the process of flagging can take up to a minute and the player cannot move during that time. This gives other players the chance to flee the area rather than just be ambushed by someone much more powerful. The thought behind this flagging is to cut down on abuse.

    You can read the full blog post on Albion Online Power Leveling and the different types of zones here.Albion Online dubs itself as the first, true cross-platform medieval sandbox game. Featuring stunning graphics and a fight for your life, the game is placed in the medieval era with you traversing the dangerous worlds. Along the way, you’ll be collecting goods, crafting weapons and armor, hunting, and tending your own farm in an attempt to survive.

    An amazing game with a lot of potential, Albion Online won’t be out until early 2016, but you can sign up for beta and test the game out for yourself.

    Farmers that want to diversify the way that they make money off of the digital world will find that Albion is the perfect candidate for making a little extra money off of your farming. Also, the game has stunning graphics and a lot of fun ways to customize your character. And, with a player-driven economy, you’ll have plenty of ways to monetize this game.