Albion Online Guide :Valid Reason

  • I think I have it on my stream highlights to save you time, like I said I brought it up and reported it, I honestly couldn't even tell you if it's still in the game I haven't touched a nature staff since I left GG.

    But it's cool I wasn't trying to come at you. I've never even been victim to the duel trolls, it's just annoying and I don't think "it was done to me so i should do it" is a valid reason. I think/hope that generally speaking you agree, as I know you were part of the "we dont want to exploit Glacial" back when it was buggy as hell.Not sure how much more i'll be playing until a wipe anyways honestly. Games full of 30+ man zergs running around in the 1 area I can actually fame and get anything for my time.

    I've learned so much from this CBT so far, and I'm looking forward to applying lessons learned the next time around. I hope to see you around again!My name is Dum Gai and I am the founder of Black Cock. I find it very sad and disturbing you feel a need to sexualize our name and feel offended by buy Albion Online Gold . This guild name is based on my great granduncles farm he operated during the 1800s when my family immigrated to the Americas from China to avoid political persecution. We have a long history of farming and my family still operate a farm. As I hope you are aware Cock is a synonym of Rooster. When my families business was named it was before "Cock" had the very disturbing and sexualized meaning of today. The history of my families rooster farm is being dragged through the dirt when you decide to sexualize everything we've worked for.