A Good Solid Foundation To Albion Online

  • Conflict Guild will also be submitting our guild to this list. CPUUser123 will be filling out the application and we will get it posted as soon as we can.
    One guild can never be everything to everyone but I think if we all work together we can give the new players a good solid foundation to build on. Since I'll be pursuing the Farming/Animal Husbandry path again this alpha, I'll have plenty of time to answer questions and help out where possible.
    I would also like to suggest that one more question be added to the application: What city will your guild be based out of?This would help both the guild and the Albion Online Silver by not placing them on opposite sides of the world Experienced players of course know to find a port town and hop a boat. Beginners yeah. lets just say that last alpha I was based out of Seamouth and my guild wasn't. I didn't read that memo until I had already bought my island. LOL ::Hangs head in embarrassment:

    A real army depends on logistics as much as on fighters, you have training, supply lines, equipment, scouting, plans of attack, timing, etc. I'd be more than happy to explain (slowly) to you and your mangy pack, but I'm all out of colored crayons by Cheap Albion Online Gold .

    I seem to remember a small siege last fall where you and your pack ended up at the keep door with a dumb 'what now' look on your face. Your solution was to use Sieger Reaver's head to break down the door. I mean... I'm just speechless, and so is he since that day. Not even our squad would do that to one of our own, and we're |#$% bulls.