Albion Online Is not Without Its Shortfalls

  • Here’s a common scenario: Player X wanders into a specific zone in which he knows will be a great place to mine several tin ore nodes. Unbeknownst to Player X, Player Y arrived just 10 mintues before him, and almost cleared every single tin ore node in the available vicinity. Player X might have a couple of options depending on the Albion Online Silver of zone he is in. If he’s in a friendly zone (green), he might be better off moving to another nearby zone where the resources might be less scarce. It takes quite a bit of time for resources to repopulate, but there are plenty of them in the world of Albion. Now if Player X is harvesting rare and valuable resources in a hostile area (red), he has the option of stalking Player Y, killing him, and thus guaranteeing his spot in the line.

    Albion Online is not without its shortfalls. The game by its own standards isn’t even out of alpha yet, and potentially has until the rest of the year before the closed and open betas will begin. So how much Cheap Albion Online Gold is there left to be seen? What we have now seems relatively stable and playable. Many could argue, a swift move straight into closed and open beta is right around the corner. Players are definitely enjoying their time in Albion and don’t want to wait long until they can get another crack at it. I’m one those in that camp, and I am slightly dreading the moment when they press delete on all of our characters.