The Reason Of PvP InThis Albion Online Fell Apart

  • PvP in this game fell apart because of 2 things:

    1. HORRIFIC weapon/armor imbalance requiring you to play one of 3 weapons to be viable. Cursed staff, claws, quarterstaff. Enough said - Oh and healers not having a chance by

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     to keep up to damage dealt makes them egregious to play
    2. Inability to reset learning points destroyed the incoming gamer community. New players spent points in many different paths and end up jammed at t4 - t5, while alpha-experienced players and guilds progressed easily to t6 by avoiding this mistake. Great for the alpha-experienced community, but devastating to EVERYONE else. Even experienced players landed in this category by spending points on weapon line that are completely trash(of which there should be none).
    BONUS: Half the weapons we started with are gone(throwing items for example) - How do you expect to BALANCE a game when you wipe and rebuild so much of it between each alpha? How are players supposed to re-calibrate to changes made behind closed doors? Vendetta being the exception to this because they are within your development circle which makes me wish you were within arms reach to slap upside the head - having Gamemasters/Developers in a

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     (Vendetta) is just plain stupid - everyone thinks so.
    Food for territories is more manageable, thank you. Stick the cursed staff and claws where you put last alpha's food system.