It's Flawed In MapleStory

  • That aside and more to the point you made about how it's flawed, unfortunately that's how all forums work. Moderators are people and, yeah, annoy them enough and they bite back. You can, of course, report the mod for making a false ban/deletion/whatever, but if you've also annoyed the other mods by buy MapleStory Mesos  , well...unfortunately that's something you have to deal with...
    We have a few safeguards: Volunteers can't delete threads, only lock them, and other mods/admins can review and reverse those decisions.
    But if you want to try and develop a system that not only keeps the peace on a forum but keeps mods from abusing power, please do so, there are quite a few people who would love that, I'd think.
    Actually, I've seen a few forums were you could rage in any way you want without getting in trouble. They even have a section just for raging about something that makes you mad. You can throw out any and all insults you want and not get in trouble.
    As for that "Behavior toward Nexon" part, I know it's just to try and help keep the  MapleStory Mesos. But at the same time, however, it comes off very strongly as basically "Shut up and don't say anything on the forums unless you're praising Nexon and acting like everything is fine."Again, that's just how I, and many others, percieve it.