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  • I pretty much like that this feature is in game :)

    On the other hand, please let it be not work with same mechanics as Arche Age, specifically the Tiimers on stuff. I do enjoy Planting and Growing animals (never played Farmville btw because I dislike FB games in general) ..but there is something primeval about Farming and is quasi instinctual...Humans just are drawn to it - until they smell it...hahah (real farming is really hard work not for all -Albion Online Gold is appealing, it touches the inner fundamental nature of humans in my opinion.
    Anyway I did not like the implementation in AA, because of all the timers, I mean when I go to bed I will sleep for about 8 hours, then I work I will be gone for another 10 hours approximately (not counting going out having fun here etc with friends either) by the time I come back in find all the crops gone bad or the animals sick and hungry just bad design not taking under account people RL schedules and play habits.
    Then again AA is designed for such Time sinks and Inconveniences it is Korean bybuy Albion Online Gold. Albeit I say this without prejudice, because I have many Korean friends and the culture is great. And even Korean players Dislike AA. The problem is the Korean Designers and Developers and most probably the Producer's Greedy Influence.