This Proposed System In Albion Online

  • Lets take the hypothetical scenario someone has a ridiculous amount of money to throw at crafting (such as a guild or P2W player). For one, we have to skip over/ignore the point that in theory they could already pay to level their crafting by simply buying the raw materials out on the Albion Online Silver. in any system and simply powerlevel their crafting regardless. For two, even if they could purchase their way to leveling crafting they in turn contribute towards driving the prices up in the economy thus increasing the value of the goods making that decision to sell the item rather than salvage it or break it down for skill more of a choice. This will also drive the prices of resources up because if the resources are cheaper than the item, people will buy resources to advance or if the item is cheaper then it'll be cheaper for people to buy the final product and simply break it down for skill instead of the raw resources for skill.

    Really no downsides to the system and most of the negative reactions seem to be kneejerk reactions of people who really haven't thought out their arguments.
    What people will want to do is hoard previously crafted items until they can use them to train if you have to unlock this system before you can do it

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    . It would probably be the best way to do it to get the most out of your resources. This creates a storage space problem (unless gear will stack in the future) and it will have a negative effect on the experience because of additional need to manage your bank as a crafter.