How play devils on Albion Online

  • If your gonna keep LP and use this system have the LP regen quicker while offline.

    Though to play devils advocate I'll just have 2-3 accounts and make one crafter, one gatherer, one mage, one melee, one bow and level those skills on individual accounts and let the other regen a lot of LP while offline by Albion Online Silver. I know I know its against the rules but lets be honest nobody gonna enforce that because SI wants to be able to say we have X active accounts after they destroy our wallets on release so they can sell it for tons of money.. just being realistic and its just my opinion.

    As stated before - it really depends on the overall fame/exp. requirements for the different tier unlocks. While i agree that T3 should be reached fairly fast. I would like to see a much slower progression after T3 for all three aspects gathering, crafting and using gear. Regardless extra speed up from LP bonus unlocks. To make the game more lasting and encourage some degree of focus and encourage trading gear and resources buy Albion Online Gold . Though i do understand that during alpha test stuff needed to be speeded up to be tested - reaching T8 gathering and T8 buildings in the course of the alpha was far to fast&easy for a organised guild... T8 crafting would have been reached easly too, if not for the lp restrictions.

    Even the fame requirements for using weapons^armor was still far to easy&fast to unlock T5.4&5.5 and higher...i hope even with the new unlock mechnics it will take alot longer hopefully.