These is a short overview of Albion Online Silver

  • To unlock an Item on the destiny board you need to spend learning points. Learning points do regenerate over time, also when you are not logged in.Crafting items costs "crafting endurance". You can decrease the amount of endurance it costs by climbing up the appropriate mastery levels of an item. We are also adding items which will allow you to get new "crafting endurance" ingame. They also regenerate over time (also when you are logged off).

    The mastery levels got a new UI and more significant Albion Online Silver. (e.g. If you master the 1-handed sword this may also give you bonuses for other "bladed" weapons.) We doubled the amount of items. They are meant as a horizontel progression.
    Example: You can have a "Tier 5; Level 5 Item" This item needs only T5 resources but some very special new resources which are harder to get then just gathering them in the world. A "Tier 5; Level 5" is as powerful as a "Tier 8; Level 2" item. buildings now have a maximum capacity for crafting. this capacity regenerates over time. this is to have a reason to have the same building multiple times. We added a bunch of new resourecs which are required to craft the new "Enchanted Weapons" by Buy Albion Online Gold.

    You can be gathered in the open world, They now exist in 6 rarity levels. Higher Rarity is needed for higher level weapons.Due to the pay2win discussion we removed the gold slider. Know you would have to change your gold for silver on the market and trade with other players.We gave you more options to customise the name-tags of players so in a huge fight they don't take over.

    When you get killed by another player in a yellow zone. You get knocked down and you can stand up X seconds later. Your equipment looses durability. A part of this durability loss is left as loot for the attacker in the form of silver.
    Gear Durability: The durability of your gear affects your stats!